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Welcome to Modbury farm online shop! A Lensomy lifestyle

We launched our new online shop this morning at 11am with a mug of our new Modbury roast coffee in our hands feeling very grateful . Truly blessed throughout the whole experience with the professionalism of a great friend Jacqui our website guru! Loved manifesting with you and much appreciate you capturing our vision.

This marks the fifth month of our ownership of the beloved farm shop just next door to our home in the Bride Valley west Dorset. Today on the 19th November we take our store to the next level of local …. On the web!

Our local customers and our repeat visitors, that holiday amongst us, can now support their favourite independent producer’s via their homes.

Watch us grow as we add click & collect to our whole range. Subscribe in the future so we can pre order fresh produce and cater for your needs preventing unnecessary waste. If we work together we can support our local independent businesses,growers and makers enriching our environment. This is the energy behind living a Lensomy lifestyle.

Perfect health

Perfect wealth

Perfect harmony

Bringing unconditional love home to YOU

From today until 11pm on Sunday 26th November we are offering you a percentage off your 1st shop at

To find your discount code click on the About us page! Then take a look at what we have been creating. As we grow so will our shop.

Browse our seasonal gifts which we have lovingly gathered with our environment always in mind.

We also have bags of our favourite Dorset coffee roasters Grounded and Fountain Rock to give away!

For all you coffee enthusiasts we are excited to share the love. Visit the farm shop between 9.30am and 11.30am from 28th Nov onwards and Tim will be delighted to talk coffee whilst brewing you a cup before you buy!

Meanwhile to automatically enter our coffee launch giveaway sign up to our newsletter (bottom of every page, with our social media accounts ) your details will be pulled from a hat at the end of our launch week!

We would like to end with a big thank you to everyone who has supported us over these early months especially the staff and our predecessors who created Modbury farm shop from their working farm.

Always Lensomy

Lucinda and Tim



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