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Lensomy Cocktail

Never drink alone or when feeling low.

Surround yourself with Lensomy, high energy, friends, joy, love , laughter and celebrate life!

Celebrating and collaborating locally is very much the way of living a Lensomy (unconditional love) lifestyle in style!

Recently a good friend of mine and I decided we deserved to let our hair down on a Thursday evening.

As she had just invested in a new hair style and I had a received a new pair of trousers in the post we both felt the urge to celebrate life!

This is the best energy to enjoy a tipple and raise your energy levels in a positive way without the downer of the alcohol hit. If we drink alcohol we should never do so alone or you will just bring down your mood to melancholy and that could become dangerous or become a bad habit.

So when in good company and in a joyful state have an alcoholic tipple if you fancy it and if not have a soft, intoxicating, pretty, happy mocktail.

Our evening in our local town of Bridport took us to a very cool restaurant called  `Eat Dorshi` for cocktails and then we popped to the local church to a Vintage Clothes sale where I invested in a bright orange Skirt  from India and then back we headed to create our own cocktail.

We filled it with all of our favourite flavours and magical ingredients that made us giggle and it came out divine! We called it the Lensomy Cocktail and we are sharing the ingredients below so you can take it to your local cocktail bar and taste it for yourself or try making it at home.

Meanwhile back to our night out of cocktails, giggles, and fine food, we left Dorshi in  very high spirits and wandered off to a local bar for a Folk night sing along!

The energy was joyful and the morning after was more relaxing than painful as the memories and feel good hormones were felt more the next day than a hangover.

That was a Lensomy night out that was felt by all who attended and those we encountered with joy and we also did our bit to support our local business community. All round rather fabulous!

The Lensomy (unconditional love) Cocktail

I champagne flute

1oz Brandy

Top with Champagne fizz

1 Maraschino cherry

orange twist

sip with gratitude and good company!

Always Lensomy xxx


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