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Making Progress with Friends

Different workshops will be added over time. 


Healthy Woman

Jacqueline, Devon

Lucinda has transformed the way I start my day. Putting her routines into practice have increased my energy, lightened my mood, sharpened my brain and taken years off me!


Don’t wait, just spend some time with her!

Image by Tamara Schipchinskaya

Helen, Dorset

Not only did Lucinda help me become a happy healthier person  she worked her magic on my wardrobe and personal style! I had changed but my dowdy clothing hadn't! With  tweaks and upcycling plus a reloved shopping trip I managed a new look on a low budget! Such fun and empowering!
Thank you Lensomy xxx

7 (1).jpg

Lucy, Ayurveda Practitioner

Lensomy offers a treasury of wisdom new and old. We spent a weekend together, rooted in nature, full of gratitude, gardening, cooking, eating and nourishing ourselves in every way. I would definitely recommend Lensomy for lifestyle advice that will bring you peace of mind, nourishment of body, and heart mind connection. Book her while she’s still available!

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