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Surround yourself with Lensomy products to attract the very energy that was used in their creation 'unconditional love'

This shop was created to manifest Len-so-my as a lifestyle for everyone who uses it as their toolbox.


Focus on what you want to attract by changing your daily routines into a ritual. Feel the flow and lose the rigidness of planned activities the Lensomy way.


Light a candle to connect to your inner bliss as part of your am/pm routine. Manifest joy with the moon!


All candles and oils had been hand-poured by gentle souls with Reiki (universal energy), flowing through them in a peaceful space that resonates with the Lensomy bliss vibration.


Add the oil blends to your favourite carrier oil and take a hot oil self-massage to reconnect. Calm your nervous system and say thank you to your body for being of service.


A few drops of oil blend to a humidifier or burner will instantly transfer you back to that place of peace and tranquility.


Our rollerballs are pocket-handy to remind yourself throughout your day you are pure Lensomy when on the move.  Smelling divine will attract the same energy, so be open to receiving more love!


Where energy goes attention flows! This is the intent behind the making of all Lensomy products.


Our essential oil fragrances have been handpicked by Lucinda, the Lensomy lifestylist via seasonal meditations and felt by their energy alone.


When her sense of smell was lost after COVID, she created the first 'I AM LENSOMY' fragrance!


Thankfully all senses did return and now we have a seasonal oil blend to honour every Equinox and Soltice throughout the year, alongside the magical I Am Lensomy.


You will find collaborations in this toolbox of a shop with other producers that tick all of the boxes in Lucinda's eyes. 


Environmentally kind to all of nature, including you!


Beautiful to look at, feel, smell and most importantly made by people living their purpose as that is the magic ingredient to good quality. 


Enjoy free delivery with purchases over £30 in the UK.

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