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Lensomy School of Joy


Lucinda Ackland

Lensomy Lifestylist


07703 789086



1 Berwick Cottages, Burton Bradstock, Dorset


What is the School of Joy

A safe space in nature under the support and guidance of Lucinda the Lensomy Lifestylist. A process of connecting to your environment inside and out throughout the seasons, revealing your true potential.

Discover through self study and observation of your own values and tune into your authentic inner morale code and remember the true purpose of your life is to feel the joy in every breath.

Explore the one true conscious energy that is all of nature which is unconditional love (Len-so-my) find it in the stillness between each breath and remember your true identity is beyond the bliss where you reside.

Course content


What will you learn?


  • How to connect to the environment around you  and how it effects your inner self.

  • How to observe the changes of your environments through out the seasons that will keep you in balance and in harmony.

  • Build a self help tool kit.

  • Explore your breath and how it effects your energy levels and calms the nervous system in a simple format. 

  • Digestion and ingestion are very much connected in reaching your true potential so this we will explore and simplify.

  • Importance on observing and reflecting as part of your daily life.

  • Turning routines and habits into rituals that are inspiring and healing without becoming humdrum and controlling.

  • Simplify and make space for new beginnings and fresh starts, making room for joy.

  • Understanding the impact of the cycles of the moon and how we can use this to our advantage.

  • Learning the true nature of your humanity .


Who's it for?


  • Everyone 

  • All ages (over 18)

  • Anyone who wants to find joy and live their own Lensomy lifestyle!


What to expect


  • A group of likeminded people without judgement

  • A safe space in nature (bring suitable clothing for the season)

  • A classroom style lesson with note taking

  • Bring a clean note book and pencil/pen and make this part of your tool kit

  • Fun and relaxing environment with an exchange of positive energy

  • A warm drink and sweetness mid way

  • Time for exchanging experiences, discussion and findings before concluding.

  • The opportunity to be part of a support WhatsApp or Facebook private group page with fellow students.


What you will experience?


  • Practical self help

  • Easy to follow lesson plans

  • Motivation

  • A new understanding of yourself

  • Calming techniques in easy and attainable formats

  • Create realistic goals that are affordable and attainable

  • Ways to save money and eat better

  • Your connection to all of nature

  • Honesty

  • Always Lensomy




Lensomy school of Joy will always be in a place of nature that is peaceful and reachable by car. Hosts will be living their purpose with joy and following the principles of a Lensomy Lifestyle.



  • What do I need to bring?
    A clean note book and a pen/pencil. Suitable clothing for the season. Something to sit on in case of wet ground
  • Are there refreshments?
    A warming drink will be served mid way with a sweet treat. Bring a bottle of water if you feel this is not enough or in case of hot weather.
  • Is there parking on site?
    Parking on site is limited so car share is encouraged but all students travelling by car will have parking options offered.
  • Can I attend on my own?
    All students are made to feel welcome as soon as they arrive and made part of the class instantly so no one will be left out.
  • Will I be the only new student or are we all beginners?
    Each class will be appropriate to suit all students in attendance.
  • Can I repeat a class?
    Classes are planned through out the changing seasons for students to progress at their own pace.
  • How many classes can I attend?
    You can attend as many as you wish and progress at your own speed to a Lensomy lifestyle.
  • Is this course available online
    Yes, more details to follow.
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