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Lensomy School of Joy In Dorset


This natural eco-system, nestling alongside the River Bride, in the valley where Lucinda lives and teaches her 'Lensomy Lifestyle' was the natural choice of venue for this Lensomy School of Joy.


A permaculture design approach helps grow food in harmony with nature, whilst making use of available resources. As we are of nature, we take these principles into the classroom and make the best and highest use of the resources we have within and around us.

The ethics of permaculture are simply:

  • Care for the earth

  • Care for the people

  • Share abundance

This is what we call living a 'Lensomy Lifestyle'.

Every alternate Friday and Sunday, starting from Sunday 14th July, 2pm until 4pm at Ourganics Evolving Systems, Litton Lane, Litton Cheney, Dorchester, DT2 9DH.

Ourganics Gate.jpg
Ourganics Gate.jpg

Course Content

  • How to connect to the environment around you  and how it effects your inner self.

  • How to observe the changes of your environments through out the seasons that will keep you in balance and in harmony.

  • Build a self help tool kit.

  • Explore your breath and how it effects your energy levels and calms the nervous system in a simple format. 

  • Digestion and ingestion are very much connected in reaching your true potential so this we will explore and simplify.

  • Importance on observing and reflecting as part of your daily life.

  • Turning routines and habits into rituals that are inspiring and healing without becoming humdrum and controlling.

  • Simplify and make space for new beginnings and fresh starts, making room for joy.

  • Understanding the impact of the cycles of the moon and how we can use this to our advantage.

  • Learning the true nature of your humanity .

Lucinda 5.jpg


Lensomy is an old sanskrit word meaning unconditional love. You deserve to have a life that flows with Lensomy. It would be a privilege to guide and support you through your positive life changing experience. Let's work together as a class in finding the right path with honesty and confidence towards your happy ever after. 

We are human and we can be beautiful beings with hearts full of love, like a seed in the right atmosphere Lensomy will flourish. Creating the right atmosphere of body and mind is our only goal, teachings of morality or beliefs are not needed. 

As we are all of nature each of us experiencing a different season your journey will be unique. Our approach together in finding a healthier, happier balance will be one of joy. An organic lifestyle is not just affordable but priceless on all levels and a simplified way of living, frees up time for celebration. 

Together, as a community, we will liberate our lives rather than control them. Think holistic as wholistic, digestion as ingestion, Nature as I AM. 

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