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What is loneliness?

Loneliness is a state of mind & truly not possible if you are in tune with your true nature. You, we ,us are all connected as we are all of nature of nature. We are made of earth so we can live on earth and being grounded and grateful is key to finding joy in everything we experience.

We turn earth into food (plants which feed & nourish us all) we then turn it into a physical, emotional body. When we complete our cycle of life we return everything to the earth which then feeds our future selves.

So how can you possibly be lonely when you have such great connections and are part of a beautiful community called life?

Bare your feet and souls to the earth, wiggle your toes in the soil and sands of your existence. Start there and work your way up!

Love life and life loves you straight back, you won't have time to be lonely and joy will be your new flow!

We are here to support and guide YOU on your path to peace and grace.

Lucinda Lensomylifestylist

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