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The Power of Connecting To Nature

I wrote this on August the 30th sat on the beach one day all alone. Even though we are now midway through October I still thought it would be nice to share something that was written just weeks ago to reflect on how nature moves with the season's. At that time we were coming to the end of British Summer Time. With that "last of energy" bringing a new sense of gratitude for all the power of the sun plus daylight we still had as we were reminded of the deficiencies and uncertainties around the corner.

During the hottest months we soon became accustomed to heat and almost forgot wet and windy springtime let alone cold and bitter winter! So with September gratitude and fingers crossed for an Indian summer vibe, we stored up on sunlight and embraced stunning sunrises and divine sunsets to keep us happy during the dark cold months ahead.

Our bodies remember Season change over and automatically adjust if we allow it to happen naturally in nature..the opposite happens if we close our minds, doors and windows! We then struggle as does mother Earth when we cover her pores with concrete.

So rise with or just before the sun and go outside and connect to the earth, soak up that divine energy of rebirth and salute the sun! Swim in the sea and gather those blessed bees of gratitude in witnessing such a miracle of awakening. Store that energy throughout your day and spread the joy bringing sunshine to all you meet and smile.... it's addictive don't you know!

As the day closes the sun looses its heat and height making a special time of day to give thanks for the light you have shared.

As the sun beams we all are we need to stop, reflect on our day ,change our energy to calm ,slow and peaceful. Count our blessings, forgive our shortcomings and just be in nature and ground. Those who think they are too busy or they don't have enough hours in the day will end up with even less if they don't connect before they start or reflect as they pause. Remember who you truly are and not what you like to project or sell. If you start believing your own hype your universe will remind you and bring you to heel. To a full stop!

Look at nature and follow her lead, we watched the Skies as swallows gathered and enjoyed the influx of flying protein and stretched their flight feathers as they prepare for their next seasonal journey. Just as we feed on nature's harvest and store up on vitamins C , D and all the minerals we need for a strong immune system to support our very own seasonal Cruise and Lensomy lifestyle.

Brightest blessings

Always Lensomy

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