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Gratitude the magical confirmation of manifestation

Gratitude has become a buzz word among us seeking joy in our lives. A very powerful buzz which has been empowered by lockdowns and social media. Its created a much needed shift in humanity to honor what we do have and to appreciate the positives in our lives and yet the word manifesting has also managed to become fashionable!

So does being grateful raise your energy to a higher level of manifesting power? That seems to be the general understanding of be happy with your lot and guess what? You get lot's more!!!

This is how I feel it, which I would like to share with those that care. I said "feel " as that is how I recognise gratitude ,an emotion that builds inside like excitement, filling my heart ,overspill into my voice and face, breaking into a smile, lighting up my eyes and generally blurting my joy and sometimes a clapping of hands ! What I blurt or think is generally an exclamation of manifestation created by Lensomy, which is like rocket fuel making dreams come true.

So gratitude I feel is a magical confirmation of manifestation and a recognition of joy and love. After the joy of recognition comes the moment of stillness, the space of wonder, that magical pause for thought.. a wow moment of "isn't life wonderful ".

That is where I am at whilst writing this blog on my (5 min drive, 30 min walk) beach which I've been manifesting since I was a little girl who never wanted to go home at the end of a weekend beach day trip. For that I feel incredibly blessed and when looking back at my journey here I am spellbound by the magic intertwined through out my experiences. Every good, bad and the (really) ugly moments I am truly grateful for their lessons as they brought me home to my perfect location at the right time in my life .

Here I am ,in the now, in complete joy, pure Lensomy and forever incredibly grateful . If that's not a Confirmation of manifestation then I'll eat my sustainable hat!

Always Lensomy xxx

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