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I AM Lensomy fragrance

I AM Lensomy fragrance is something very close to my heart which I created with that in mind. A scent that’s very heady in a good way that will ignite your senses, clear your mind ,open your heart, transport you to bliss and then return you safely back home with the warmth of vanilla.

When creating this fragrance I had lost my sense of smell and taste due to Covid so had to use my other senses. I believe things happen for a reason and this scent was meant to be created by the divine energy that we are all connected to and mine did good 💛☀️😘

I use mine in the shop at Modbury Farm Shop in the essential oil diffuser where you can also purchase and smell before you buy. Online via the website is also a convenient way to be reunited if you are not passing Dorset! Treat someone or yourself to the I AM Lensomy fragrance and make it part of your morning & evening routine to connect to your divine energy 🙏🏻

I AM ( your true energy) Lensomy (unconditional love) Soy Candle .

This is a journey of self discovery and return to home … the true I AM.

This fragrant soy candle with natural pure essential oils will help you to connect to your true self. Make it part of your manifesting ritual and tuning into your own wisdom and love.

Coriander, Bergamot & Neroli will open your channels, clearing your thoughts. Jasmine & Rose will open your heart ❤️ Allowing Oakness & Vanilla to bring you back to home sweet home and always Lensomy.

A wonderful gift for yourself or another any time of year and now can be bought on our website shop via Modbury Farm Shop

Always Lensomy (unconditional love) xxx

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