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Find your Purr-pose

Meet Trinity one of our cats captured through the lens of in her favourite place on the windowsill.

Living her best Lensomy lifestyle 🐈‍⬛ ☀️🙏🏻

Trinity needs very little just a safe warm spot , food, water, the occasional stroke , freedom to be herself and to be adored unconditionally. 🐾

She knows her purr-pose 🖤

 Isn’t that all we need?

What about you?

Are you living your best life?

Ask yourself the following questions ⬇️

Do you awake every morning excited for life?

Do you have energy throughout the whole day?

Can you remember the last time you belly laughed?

Are you surrounded by joyful people?

Would you do your chosen job if you didn't need the money?

Do you take time to witness nature?

Do you smile more than frown?

Do you crawl in to bed physically tired but grateful for your existence and experience?

Do you have time and energy for hobbies?

Are you of service to others through your passions ?

If you would like support and guidance finding your purpose contact Lucinda and let’s talk it through #lensomylifestylist #talktherapyworks

Always Lensomy

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