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'The Lensomy School of Joy

One-to-One Talk Therapy


Healthy Woman

Denise, Bristol

Manifesting a Lensomy lifestyle on rocket fuel ! This is the effect of Lucinda and her teaching . I've lost weight and fitter than I've ever been, oh and I'm happy! Not bad for a 74 year old who was stiff and fat . Forever young

Conference Crowd

Maureen, Glasgow

I had just qualified as a nurse when I came across Lucinda at a spiritual fayre in Glasgow. I listened to her talk on the main stage to 300 people and yet felt like she was talking only to me . Spellbinding and healing just by listening to her voice as she spreads joy and touches everyone's hearts with her enthusiasm for life!
Inspired me to learn Reiki which has helped me be of better service to others in my career.
Lensomy lifestyle forever xxx

Moon Clouds

Caroline Stonehaven

I met Lucinda at a drumming circle and then I attended her moon manifesting circles . Wow powerful stuff and even though we are miles apart I still link in and work with her and the moon. A true source witch who works with whatever is at hand and with one energy. Pure Lensomy !
Blessed bee

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