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Lensomy Talk Therapy

Lensomy Talk Therapy

Price £40 1hr video call including 4 weeks ongoing support by text via WhatsApp

Talk it through with Lucinda 1-2-1 the Lensomy therapist.

Holding a safe space that is non judgmental and pure Lensomy is the energy of unconditional love. A place where we can interact and discuss thoughts, emotions or make practical decisions, formulating plans and take positive action. A problem shared is a problem halved and you might even leave with a business plan or creative idea that just needed a fresh pair of eyes.


Lensomy talk therapy is a nurturing space that can heal unspoken words that need to be released making room for new joyful experiences. So what ever you feel you would like to share that is may be clouding your judgement or preventing you from feeling the joy you deserve contact and lets talk.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Group Bookings

All Bookings are to be in person and take place as individual sessions in Burton Bradstock Dorset unless part of a Power of 3 Lensomy gathering as part of a collaboration which can be at venues around the uk or out with.


Groups can be arranged but please email to discuss and if you are a venue or an organisation that would like to book Lensomy Lifestylist as a guest speaker or facilitator then I would love to hear from you.


Forever creative and going with the flow a Lensomy Lifestyle is one of joy and passion which can evolve into what is needed to bring that into a reality, like the seasons we change and adapt.

Always Lensomy xxx

Moon Manifesting Lensomy Magical Formulas

Learn to manifest with the cycles of the moon and Lucinda the Lensomy Lifestylist!

Working with nature that’s all around and within us we can learn to connect and flow gracefully from one year,month,week,day,hour,minute,second and in this moment of NOW!
By following the lead of Mother Earth and the Divine energy that is life ,we can slow down to her pace, tune into her rhythm ,find peace and Lensomy (unconditional Love) .Its in this space of pure love we manifest by building the intention of creating our own reality. 

I have always followed the moon for guidance and strength .From creation I can not remember a night where I didn’t give thanks to the moon, even in its dark phases.

Moon bathing ,swimming, singing ,dancing,praising,healing,wishing,making room, releasing, forgiving, filling my cup with the moon and her reflection of the suns light has kept me connected to our life force ,which is source.

So join me during the upcoming moon cycles in my very own bespoke ceremonies in anyway that you feel the magnetic pull. Like the tides of our seas and oceans we have our highs and lows, so tune inwards and work from a place of tranquillity. Place your left hand to your heart and ask “ what resonates?” then read the offerings of Lensomy Moon manifesting circles and join me.

Always Lensomy xxx
Lucinda Lensomy Lifestylist

WhatsApp Group

Monthly £10 per person
Through WhatsApp and text messages receive moon updates and guidance from Lucinda the Lensomy Lifestylist as and when appropriate . Learn how to raise your vibration to manifest and how to release and let go of what no longer serves you....making space for joy and Lensomy! This group will be private and closed to comments.


Questions or feedback can be sent via email or directly to Lucinda via WhatsApp. Pay monthly as you go or a set amount (you have complete control) and leave and re-join as many times as you like via the website payment links.

Postal Group

Per Post £20
Send via Royal Mail a handwritten envelope with a thank you card with your short introduction and postal address.

1 piece of paper – write your moon wish.
2nd piece of paper – write your forgive and release list.
These two pieces and your thank you card will be burnt during a moon cycle. Working with the power of three energy we 
1. Manifest on the new moon ( burn wish list)
2.Give thanks on the full moon (burn card)
3.Forgive and release on the waning moon (burn forgive and release list)

On completion of your chosen moon manifesting cycle receive via Royal Mail a postal “So Be It!!!Always Lensomy xxx” Hand written note with embedded symbols. Keep with you until your wish has become a reality!

Moon Clouds



Sally, Glasgow

I experienced an Angel attunement at a spiritual fayre in Scotland after a horrible card reader told me I had a bad spirit attached to me sucking my energy!! Lucinda kindly saw me distressed and made me feel safe and loved.


I still have my crystal after 20 years and feel fabulous. She wouldn't even take money from me as i had paid the reader ! Truly Lensomy xxx

Image by Mike Erskine

Dr. Jacqui Hargreaves, Aberdeen

I met Lucinda at my hairdressers as she was doing treatments in the salon. I had just moved into my new home and was not sleeping or feeling safe. So she came to my house and fixed it! Lensomy house Dr really did change the energy flow within 1 visit!


Incredible how she saw and felt the obvious and nothing spooky just practical adjustments and a space clearing ceremony we did together. Healed me and my home at the same time!
Still here and feeling very loved in my Lensomy home sweet home.
Thank you


Mandy, Taunton

I did my Reiki 1 training via Lucinda and it changed my life. I'm so grateful as I was booked on a weekend course that did both 1&2 for twice the money! Lucinda guided & supported me through a 28 day self healing which was so powerful yet filled me with joy !


Priceless yet still cheaper than what I would have paid without the healing crisis!
Always Lensomy

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