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Created by Lucinda the Lensomy Therapist

Comes with Set Intention Gift Card


Take a big deep loving breathe in, pause, hold, think “I AM" observe the stillness, and then realease "Len -so -my “ breath down through your body and out.....Pause...Repeat. This is an instant way of connecting to who you truly are and that is why I created this heady scent to help you get there in a heart beat. Pure Bliss and stillness.


This is more than just a beauty routine, it’s a magical moment in time, a place of stillness, confirmation and the setting of intentions. A fragrance created to open up your heart, clear your mind and connect you to the stillness of pure unconditional love (Lensomy) that is I AM .

Make this your mantra and ritual when you inhale this fragrance. To stay connected through out your day invest in a I AM Lensomy candle to add a layer to your am/pm routine and deepen your focus. Add a few drops to your oil burner, humidifier or body oil for a blissful reminder that you ARE love.

Treat yoursef to a full body massage by adding this divine blend into a carrier oil like seasame or ghee before you bath or shower. With long loving sweeping strokes apply warm oil to your whole body and rinse off with out soap. Oils are cleansing and moisturising as well as protecting your skin from the harshness of tap water and other elements of life. 


Arrives in a glass amber bottle with a black metal screw cap. Affirmation “I AM Lensomy “ printed on a white label. Aromatherapy oils used are a divine blend of Coriander, Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Basil, Vanilla, Oakmoss and Vetiver .


Do not ingest or use neat on skin as contains undiluted essential oils. Dilute with carrier oil before skin application.Keep away from children and eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to skin.


I AM Lensomy essential oil blend

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